This month sees the ultimate embodiment of toast Foley, Project Studio 54, sneaking in the back door of The 27 Club on a technicality, thereby clearin...View Details

In this month's individually hand-marbled episode, Mike welcomes Whon Jitten into his world of vocal-editing pain, tormenting him with James Blunt, a ...View Details

In a spectacular double facepalm, Jon and Mike were completely unable to coordinate a podcasting date last month (or even early this month), but -- ne...View Details

It seems like only yesterday that Mike was dancing on block-colour backgrounds with 905 songs in his pocket, but his extraodinarily slow-acting curse ...View Details

By the power of the shiny-haired Hrímnir frá Hvammi, a shiny-headed Jon has been doing his Gollum-inspired Riverdance over a functional horse-keyboard...View Details

Inspired by Vidal Sasson, this month's episode is full of sparkletubes, slideyfarts, bashable barcodes, exploding headpumps, and many other unskeptica...View Details

Recorded from tea-cup perspective for maximum authenticity, this episode explains how to get from Douglas Adams to Terry Pratchet (via Brian Wilson) i...View Details

This month, a densely-woven Jon's been struggling to keep his mind out of the gutter by smearing a microphone thinly over the top of a modest vape rig...View Details

Jon, the King Of Kittenz, is back in the Land Of Hope And Corbyn, and working surprisingly hard on an Ode To Sinusitis with his electrotango sitar and...View Details

It's another star-studded Grammy Awards extravaganza, with DJs of all stripes, a suavely bearded Jon spreading his rebar wings, a grizzled Mike slappi...View Details

Jump into the PSTB DeLorean, plug in 1kW of guitar pedals, and let's go for a star-studded ride! See Tina Turner, Mick Hucknall, and the drummer from ...View Details

Welcome to the Rebeccaverse! Yes, you read that correctly, because we're joined by the smack-talking Angel of Christmas herself for our end-of-year sp...View Details

The day of Truth has arrived. The day of Justice. The day of Friday. But, even more importantly, it's launch day for Jon Whitten's first ever single u...View Details

We told you all about Jon Whitten's single release tomorrow, but did you actually go to and immediately follow all his socia...View Details

Casting the veil of anonymity boldly aside, our very own Jon Whitten will be releasing his first ever music under his own name on November 19th -- ie....View Details

It's another episode stuffed with carefully curated nothing, beneath a comforting veneer of adventure, polished with insanity. Creativity meets the la...View Details

Despite claiming this whole episode against tax, your intrepid hosts search once more for the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Jon has be...View Details

We're back again with a full two watts of pure podcasting power and a shirt full of double-necked electric guitars! Our indoor cat Jon has been busy s...View Details

As our podcast slips on its Gucci (or is it Prada?) loafers and slides into sloppy middle age, it's time to brew some hot water, suck on a teabag, and...View Details

The Mike & Jon Of Yestermonth valiantly tread water while present-day Mike & Jon pull their finger out and finally find a time they can both r...View Details

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