For this month's episode your intrepid Project Studio procrastinators cut like a knife through their favourite lyrical cliches, plan a Syllabist poetry slam, and resist the urge to shout 'Hey' while drinking moonshine under a harvest moon. Errol the Chipmunk is sorely provoked by discussions of nonconsensual Bowie abuse, swirling styrofoam snowstorms, and John Cage's evil twin. (Don't worry -- it's all in the name of sound art.) There's magic too, as Mike explains how to transform a stampeding herd of wildebeest into a touch-typing convention, and how to squeeze all his guitar knowledge onto the back of plectrum with the help of The 100k Per Foot Rule. Meanwhile, Jon boards his sponsored speedboat to reveal the single worst score he's ever received, and explains how to deal with the Good Will Hunting of dulcimerists. Suffice to say that not all his tea goes down the right way...


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