Armed with their best picardy thirds, the guys start up their viral factory once again with heavy-metal kitten videos and Chewbacca singing Nessun Dorma. There's exciting news too of dubstep's karmic pest-control properties, 19th-century composers' beards, and Mike's first world-record attempt. Jon brings us a box-fresh facepalm with guaranteed 100 percent shame, while Mike (aka Mäik) hoovers the inside of his piano in the aftermath of our first ever sponsored toast Foley. More crucial production questions are also laid to rest: What's your favourite note? What's the musical equivalent of mildew, sherbet, guacamole, or beef jerky? And how can I turn funk into music in one easy step? Yes, all that, and it'll still probably get fewer Guardian column inches than ten tracks of silence...


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