This month it's a Superbooth special, with intense dubstep typing, motivational sawtooth waves, and a bag of smashed crabs that's blown the lid off Indiegogo. In other news, the Dark Prince Of Crochet (aka Jon) has been shouting into a recycle bin, building up his resistance to haggis, and operating machinery in a baggy PVC suit. Mike reminisces about recording cheese straws, stereo hoovering, and asynchronous bunny-hops. Meanwhile, at the Cross-cultural Variety Show we have acoustic pub-funk, flying raffle tickets, and a sternly worded sit-in. Plus, there's shiny piano and reverse hallelujahs from Kirk Franklin, and our first ever guest entrant to the Toast Foley Hall Of Fame. And let's not forget these hard-won pearls of wisdom: "As long as there's Cajon, it's acoustic" and "Delude in the nude!" 

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