Your intrepid Chippendale hunk-biscuits refuse to rest on their laurels for the second episode of Project Studio Tea Break. No sir! Mike's got his cape and stage fan at the ready, and is preparing to knob synthesizer designers through the post. Jon's inflated his mullet, donned the Rhinestone jacket, and generated a facepalm feedback loop by winning the Wooden Spoon with wooden spoons. And, crucially, the Toast Foley has been upgraded! Pressing questions this month include: What's the best mic for hand-to-hand combat? What's the real reason for X-Factor's existence? Do you pine for the warmth of AES jitter and 40-bit floating-point maths? Plus, we ponder Akai S950 Kontakt controllers, keyboard tetherball, Techno Trucks Against Fascism, homeopathic guitar solos, and the risks of touring with a voice-box. And don't forget to take part in our daft synth-module names quiz! Can you tell the real ones from the fakes? Or are they even better than the real thing?

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