This month we challenge all you podfasters to brave our break-neck pace, as a puddlish Jon (or is it Geraldine eating crackers?) and the hollow shell of Mike reveal good news for the serious, intellectual thumpsy-thumpsy listener -- or anyone else directing their Marmite sneer at the weaponisation of Classic FM. Jon is dedicating his restocked facepalm bouquet to new best friend Rob, and doing a manual Iron Man at the intersection between acrobatics and too many percussion sticks. Mike's been treated like conservatively dressed cattle at auction, but consoles himself with the joyful noise of Adam Neely, Katy Perry, and their copyright ouroboros. Past, present, and future Jon explains his bullet-proof backup system, as well as the beauty of fastidious randomisation, all the while wearing an end-of-X-Files face. Plus there's a Madonna mic, an unwrenchlike daughter, and some extremely inconvenient pop-up ads.

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