It's mayhem in this month's crisis edition! Mike's singing at gerbil-threatening volumes while pioneering rehooker Maxo's 8-bit funk is exploding his brain. Jon's hamstering drum-sticks, training a rock-and-roll chicken, and spreading jam on ducks. Laura Marling's refusing to wash her baritone ukelele ever again. Neil Young's in a photo booth with a sleeping dog. Meduza and Einaudi are both suing themselves. King Louis XIV's inciting theatrical arson and (even worse!) mime. The Wolf of the tenor section is investigating the acoustic properties of airborne jacuzzis and the pentatonic drivel of icebergs. Is it too late to fix Gal Gadot's 'Imagine'? Will our PSTB TikTok challenge end in tears? And, most crucially, is there anything gaffer tape can't do?

(Oh, and if you'd like to follow our TikTok challenge, Jon's @pstbtiks and Mike's @pstbtoks. Go teams!)

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