Despite the cosy domestic scene here at PSTB headquarters, baking scones and sharing long involved stories about the British monarchy, there have been rumours of sedition in the ranks of #TeamNik on account of the artist formerly known as Einaudi. Nothing can keep Jon from the ongoing influencer battle, however, putting up his own musical carpet underlay against Mike's 30-year-old VHS instructional-video underscore. Plenty of other musical curios abound too: San Francisco's bridgeolian harpjo, some plausibly deniable Stravinsky and Bernstein quotations, and the joy of shouting "Encore!" when 840 repetitions just aren't quite enough. Even lower lowlights include a scroll full of joyful starfish, a nuclear kerchief, Joe DeGeorge's ruined MIDI keyboard, and the unmistakeable sound of falling Durex. Et tu, Nik?

(Oh, and if you'd like to follow our on-going TikTok challenge, Jon's @pstbtiks and Mike's @pstbtoks. Go teams!)

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