It's a flora and fauna special this month, so boil your mix-referencing kettle as PSTB's octogenarian park rangers play guitar to budgies at elevated sample rates, expose non-flamingos to Caravaggio, and politely ask small shrubs to switch off their blackberries. Mike, freshly unmasked as Martin Green of Venezuela, has been pwning Tiktok's algorithms in four-part harmony using the immense untapped potential of floppy-haired teenage angst. Jon, on the other hand, has registered a likeability rating of 1.237 microBiebers by beatboxing execrable brown noise like a ninja virtuoso from the passive-aggressive abyss. Yet they've still found time to answer some more of those deep philosophical questions. Can spot mics get spottier? Is Alex Bainter a shadow of the ideal platonic sausage? And might bass fire-hose be the ideal aesthetic palate-cleanser for a djembe that's eaten everything?

To catch Jon's performance in Babolin Theatre's lockdown-friendly production 'Bubu Killer King' (premiering July 31st), head over to

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