This month has plenty to appeal to our apparently core demographic of single Russian women. Horrifying numbers of musical theatre directors. Mike's patchy DIY history, featuring the Lego podium and Bucket-o-foam baffle. The Chick Corea Electric Band's inverse McGherkin, and how Mick Jagger and David Bowie's "Dancing In The Street" really is that bad, even with the music. Plus, Jon curls his toes to Mike's Facepalm Motherlode and we discuss how live performers might best impress the sound man, as well as how we can solve the future of Classical Music with the Leicester Symphony Orchestra, Andre Rieu, and T-Pain's Uncle Vanya. And all this without offending Errol the Editing Chipmunk.
Oh, and one final thing: Jon Whitten -- The Musical! You heard it here first...
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