Welcome to your favourite ever PSTB episode! Jon, the accidental clothes horse, is emerging in a blizzard of metaphors from his hectic program of theatrical wrestling, all-night business drinking, and making bagpipes even more hellish. His intern Mike, broadcasting from the Millennium Falcon, has been juicing his own apples, irradiating problematically heteronormative alligators, and hammering himself in the face with a pair of HD650s. Top of the agenda this month is the sound of electric cars, with Hans Zimmer's whizzy space cowbell, Batman's audio Barberpole, and French art-house archetypes all straining attention spans in the BMW boardroom. Also up for discussion are Palestrina parties, the future of rock soundscaping, formantless anurans, cheek shrubbery, and the Zoom H4N (the professional's choice for capturing lo-res heliox-huffing). Who needs biting political commentary, when you've got a swing in your kerchunk?

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