Finally available in hardback, this month's festive episode promises gingerbread Foley and a Warlock's drinking anthem. Due to lack of demand for their eulogy-writing services, your intrepid Master Breakers have decamped to a Scottish space ghetto to investigate Saint Dolly, a duckfaced Norah Jones, and Percy Jackson's epicly burnt Scotch egg. And why Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits, and Johnny Cash have all evolved just like hummingbird moths. Jon's been impersonating Rocky Balboa with hipster faireez in the merchtabulous PSTB kitchen, working hard to put fresh puns in the oven and incredibly consistent pans on the hob. Meanwhile, Mike's been distracted from Cirque Du Soleil by Whitney Houston's 'I's, Dermot Kennedy's 'R's, various gendered diphthongs, and the Elvis schwa. Can they all stay on the white notes and avoid going toe to toe with spandex-clad Super Moderators? (Oh ye of little faith in the inexplicable success of minor talent...)

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