It's been a long lockdown. A hatless Jon has been frightening timid voles while baking up Chekhov-grade disaster on his Fisher Price Singalong Radio. Mike has, amongst other lightly qualified successes, been fixing the cat with his soldering iron, as well as tumbling the walls of Jericho with pastoral platitudes and the sharpest of punctuation marks. So, in an emergency violation of quarantine rules, several members of the broad Church of Be-Bop Botherers join us to help liven up proceedings. A moderately Klingon Anderson Paak plays us both the dynamics of his shawm. Geoffrey Apple and Mark Google duet in Swedish accents about the romance of polyphonic pitch-shifting. A synthetic Tom Waits goes bonkers with dubstep rectangles. And Coco Chanel weighs in on The Great Tissue Controversy. Plus there are tough questions to be answered. How do you not solve a problem like Mitski? Is it possible to repair a glass countertenor? And, most importantly of all: you can do that?!

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