Welcome to the Murder Booth! From his shallow grave, a fully organic Jon has been braving slugs and worms to bring you his best mycelium impression, with a penitential side-order of Kentucky-fried Huapango. Meanwhile, Mike's gone full Karate Kid in a world of Don LaFontaine's chewy syllables, while slapping himself with his own gauntlet and pinch-zooming a perspex shield. They're not alone either: MIT's finest have been playing 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' on an off-piste DX7 and expressing amino acids through the medium of uncooked spaghetti. Even the colour-balance-proof spiders have been scuba-diving, paragliding, and jamming along.

And in case you wanted to experience those quotes from Professor Buehler in their original context, here are links to those interviews:

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