As our podcast slips on its Gucci (or is it Prada?) loafers and slides into sloppy middle age, it's time to brew some hot water, suck on a teabag, and ask 'What is a wall?' in a Swedish accent. Jon's been suffering the effects of jitter and bitcrushing, while learning to fail inconspicuously at impromptu outreach. Mike valiantly resists innuendo to report on chocolate acrobatics, whole-body shivers, and a floppy screw, as well as bringing us another banger from Presto Public Relations. (It's about tone and beauty. And Clarkson overwhelm. And an Abbey Road cliché like no other.) That's not all, though, because there's also the tremendous craft of White Woman's Instagram, a pair of 60s space aliens, and some surefire noob tests. So remember: if life gives you lemons, then claim you were going for lemons in the first place!

You can catch the latest show Jon's been working on (called 'Candide, or Optimism At All Costs') at Cambridge's Robinson Theatre until Saturday September 7th:

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