Jump into the PSTB DeLorean, plug in 1kW of guitar pedals, and let's go for a star-studded ride! See Tina Turner, Mick Hucknall, and the drummer from Eastenders clamouring to jump into Puff Daddy's EDM sausage machine. Hear Hawkeye's Imagine Dragons impression, Captain Marvel's Magic Of Pegasus, and Shatner Claus's Gilbert & Sullivan chillout. There's plenty of action fodder too, with Bruce Willis, Mr T, and Vin Diesel all throwing digeridoo shade. Not to be outdone, Jon's been soft-shoe tap-dancing with a pedometer, as well as playing the moray-eel trombone with hundreds of snorkelling mimes. Mike, on the other hand, has endured a tantric single that's left him screaming piano-recording examples in his sleep. Let's hope that he still makes the proto-Twitter Scroll of Honour before he falls on his own wine-pistol...

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