Jon, the King Of Kittenz, is back in the Land Of Hope And Corbyn, and working surprisingly hard on an Ode To Sinusitis with his electrotango sitar and 50 guitars in unison. Kelly Clarkson's lending a hand with her virtuoso banjo, and Bready Mercury is managing the toothbrush orchestration. (It's no Kind Of Bloop, though -- for that you'd need a screamo ceilidh caller in a Hert locker.) Mike, Ninja Of Kilobits, is helping out too, setting aside his political ambitions to wield Chekhov's gun against the anti-Donda, while Lin Manuel The Frog adds maximum authenticity by chipmunking his own brainwaves. There are other low-hanging vegetables as well, including a 30-second Dark Side Of The Moon from the Device Orchestra and our desert-island luxury of celestial toast. If that's not poetic justice, then try whipping someone with a bamboo wing -- and if they feel blue, remind them that Animal is red. See how we waft it back and forth!

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