It's a culinary adventure this month, as Mike and Jon sit down at their mahogany podcasting table, pour themselves a creamy lactose-adjacent fresh drink and ponder Marmite theatre, the evolution of the Creme Egg, and knuckle sandwiches for unethical psychologists. Further excitement, too, as PSTB's first Patron skews our Einaudi grudge match and Errol The Editing Chipmunk makes his debut utterance. Mike shares tales of masking-tape snobbery, dreamy school reports, and public facepalming, as well as answering the important question: why the 80s? Jon investigates how Spotify's fake artists are watering down recording excutives' beer, and asks whether great production can ever salvage awful music. And, crucially, Shakira shares her incomparable wit and wisdom with us all...

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