Inspired by Vidal Sasson, this month's episode is full of sparkletubes, slideyfarts, bashable barcodes, exploding headpumps, and many other unskeptical noisies. MIT are back to their old tricks, playing keepy-uppy in zero G with their dodecahedral space shaker. But they're no match for Jon, singing Kylie Minogue on a War Horse to the accompaniment of chimes that go 'thunk', or Mike dancing with his shoelace amidst a barrage of MIDI boiled eggs. Also, there's a bunch of grumbling Dads riding their pickup moped on a quest for bespoke pencil erasers, while also bringing Pringle Pringles to a shark-tamer in Mozambique. All in a day's work for anyone with a Jackson Pollock career trajectory.

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