By the power of the shiny-haired Hrímnir frá Hvammi, a shiny-headed Jon has been doing his Gollum-inspired Riverdance over a functional horse-keyboard, causing the word 'utilise' to vanish beautifully. Setting aside the JV1080 jubilee strings, however, he's been working hard at a Republican campsite to make his guitar sound as awful as The Dukes Of Haphazard. But could anything be as awful as Diana Ross's headline lip-sync ballet at the Platinum Party At The Palace? Mike, the segue king, struggles to believe it, and is currently self-medicating with Martian breakfast, canned angelic shimmer, and glittery sprinkles on every technological unicorn.

If you'd like to listen to Mike's in-depth review of Sound Theory's Gullfoss plug-in, complete with a variety of illustrative audio examples, then check out this free-to-listen episode of the Cambridge-MT Patrons Podcast:

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