It seems like only yesterday that Mike was dancing on block-colour backgrounds with 905 songs in his pocket, but his extraodinarily slow-acting curse has finally been fulfilled as Darth Cassette revanquishes iPod Skywalker in the stirring finale of The Airpods Strike Back. Meanwhile, Jon has been getting the pseuds on board by hurling his angry, passionate talent at the microphone and rattling his big draw of nicknacks and marbles (one of his cheapest, dirtiest music-production whotsits). If you're feeling more bouffant than thou, then you'll doubtless be shredding with Yngwie Malmsteen on a 14-string guitar with an M.C. Escher headstock and the cleverness of The Ancients. Or if you've been suffering from a truly three-ghoster facepalm (perhaps because those googly eyes have been looking straight into your soul), then perhaps some Googlewhack drum enhancement might help you enjoy Game Of Shrooms or Drunk Shakespeare while you snack messily on The CPU Sizzler.

Needless to say, art critics have not been invited to weigh in on the subject.

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