This month sees the ultimate embodiment of toast Foley, Project Studio 54, sneaking in the back door of The 27 Club on a technicality, thereby clearing the decks for a forthcoming cinematic release of Commercial Studio Banquet. It's a culinary bonanza, as Mike tastes the music while nursing a GM hangover, Jon tastes his own Olivier Award with Draco Malfoy, and Abel Selaocoe tastes gateway-drug salad from an everlasting queue. And in an emotional homecoming, Lydia Sherwood's backspaceless AI alerts us to The Fun Lovin' Criminal And His Two Guest Perpetrators, while MoFi apply their Instagram kitten filter to the masterpieces of Manet in an attempt to save famous Muppet musicians from the life-threatening effects of Nickelback. Sadly, though, it is here we must leave your intrepid hosts for posterity, clinging to trees with their teeth while Einaudi enriches the hack with pedals of beautifully framed formula.

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