It's a star-studded caffeine pitstop this month, as our intrepid project-studio podcasters count the syllables of pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis with Eminem, The Carpenters, and Dominique the singing nun. Jon takes a break from hay-bale racing The Village People to give an applause-poaching masterclass and stop a stampede with his phantom-powered Taser. Mike (aka 'Baby Hagrid') calls time on the heavy-metal volleyball to hunt invisible gorillas and bemoan the quality of machine teaching. And both of them marvel at the blooming of Smashmouth's strange All Star (but...) rose. So settle down with your cuppas and enjoy The Second Worst Idea Of All Time, where we answer the pressing questions of the day. What exactly is an insane amount of clarity? Why am I keeping my old cassettes? And are policemen really getting younger?

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