As we head further into the official Year Of The Echo, we capture the cinematic Zeitgeist by sneaking through doors, picking up swords, and filling our cup of feline schadenfreude to the brim with grisly apolcalyptic visions of the Uncanny Valley. Blacksmith to the stars Jon Whitten warns of the dangers of hubris-powered Luthierism, while ruining his co-host with The Curse Of Happy Village. Mike fights back with electric-guitar birthday cards, sample-library parlour games, and multiple Mary Poppins references. Gene Pitney makes an appearance too, providing an object lesson in the importance of lyrical context (and teetering just one consonant from catastrophe). Plus, we're cherry-picking our favourite careers advice, including such gems as 'The man who pays the bill is God', and 'Never, ever, change your phone number". All in all, it's another episode packed full of loquacious cross-stitch, yellow snow, and scraps of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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