Who better to lead you through today's post-truth apocalypse than two renowned purveyors of nonsense? Mike, that blessed innocent, has been blithely investigating the Philuminati at Milton Keynes Henge, and their shadowy links with the Cadbury gorilla's magic break. Tracing the sinister web to the balmy tropics of Walter Mitty's secret Iceland, he's been stubbing his toe and screaming at waterfalls Pansori-style while marvelling at The Biebster's ecological trail of destruction. In the meantime, Jon's been learning some blindingly obvious archeoacoustics from Ozzy's anechoic bat-trap, as well as doing ASMR cheese-grating with the anti-Kenny-G. After a hard day's international punditry, however, it's time to relax with a secret nostril-based gig for our new band, Fluffy Gauze Of Noise, in the never-ending quest for cult-like status.

(No AutoTune was used in the making of this podcast. Just orange juice with the bits left in.)

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