Following a suitably down-home Christmas, your intrepid hosts battle Spotify fatigue to huddle round the PSTB dartboard for a Grammy nominations special! Mike has officially melted, and is now tearfully hoovering around the wet-ass elephant in the room. Jon, with his usual grammatical pedantry, has been chewing on pulled pork in the tidy mess of Haim's two-car garage and wishing that Chris Martin were swearing at Jacob Collier. Neither of them can deny the cultural impact of 'Moo', however, or the healing power of kittens, even while Shawn Everett and Gary Paczosa slug it out in a Best Engineering death-match. And if you get peckish, why not tuck into our festive facepalm buffet? There's some surprisingly toothsome mobile-phone multimiking, our infamous Icelandic toast, and all the vocal-recording mistakes you can eat!

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Many thanks to Ellie McDowall for letting us use some snippets of her excellent Field Recordings podcast ( in this episode. Thanks also to the engineers responsible for the wonderful recordings: Jon Tjhia, Hana Walker-Brown, Philip Revell, Vladimir Kryuchev, Sami El-Enany, Tom Rosenthal, Daria Corrias, Hannah Dean, and especially Andrea Rangecroft!

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