Once again, your visibly more radiant hosts are abusing their enormous media power by pandering to viola players and financially exploiting ever younger artists. Jon's lost his child-like innocence amidst an apathetic Eyes Half Shut orgy, playing Skelecaster solos over a bed of foetal synths. Mike's been riding The Circle Of Death to deter any proto-Eilish from starting a podcast while ruining his QWERTY keyboard with superhumanly amateur toast Foley. There's celebrity coverage too, featuring Kanye West's bingo card, Jacob Collier's toothbrush, and Renee Zellweger. (Really?!) And in the imaginary world of THX Zelda, 'tis but a small step from barely audible drones to New Age. But where does Vangelis get all the pregnant women from?

(If you'd like to check out Mike's new online course, Mix Magician's Toolkit, head over to https://www.cambridge-mt.com/magic )

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