This month, there have been tough questions about the latest NAMM show product releases: Can Yamaha restart the 'marketing valve' gravy train? Should TC Electronic be shipping their new plug-in with a free pencil-sharpener? And who will walk away with PSTB's coveted Straight To Landfill Award? For Facepalm Of The Month, Jon takes a break from mixing the heartbeat of the universe to explain how some gigs are too classy for their own good, and what it feels like to be smirked at by a slice of cucumber. Meanwhile, as we push the quality bar for Toast Foley to new lows, Mike asks what instrument is actually the most difficult to record. Plus, join our bid for Summer Anthem 2018, a viral video sensation boasting ninja puppies, Monteverdi duetting, and beards with everything. (Any excuse to shoehorn Prince and Jimmy Somerville into the same sentence. There, did it again!)

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