We're back again with a full two watts of pure podcasting power and a shirt full of double-necked electric guitars! Our indoor cat Jon has been busy scaling 30-metre mountains, painting an SM58 like a spy pencil, and making a mic out of a hula hoop. Meanwhile, Mike parts the kimono to reveal the single organ he's been relying on for employment, but (to give discredit where's discredit's due) you have to admire his kitten-perspective cooking blog's Spidey Sense. There's plenty to learn this episode too. How to pull more emotion out of a lampshade. How to get 90% worse at eating silent toasted pitta. How to make lollipops look like trees. And how to reach Zen convergence between calming highlighters and a paradoxically expensive ukulele. Plus, don't miss a guest appearance by the very unhippy Mr & Mrs Clipboard, reminding us all to check the big text again.

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