Despite claiming this whole episode against tax, your intrepid hosts search once more for the answer to life, the universe, and everything. Jon has been chuntering joyously through all the most important notes, despite abuse from his non-bandleader. Even with ravaged thumb joints, though, he's still been chasing headphone-clad cows with his Super Soaker and creating the most offensive video he's seen all year. Meanwhile, Mike has been finger-tutting in the original Javanese, and having the time of his life with happy-clappy backing vocals and a librarian nose-flautist. There's plenty of exciting news to share too, featuring Nirvana's grown-up baby, Switzerland's erstwhile Granstein, and the astounding freeloading of Bing Kerching. But now that has answered our prayers, will Find out in the latest instalment of 'The Quirkening'...

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