Recorded from tea-cup perspective for maximum authenticity, this episode explains how to get from Douglas Adams to Terry Pratchet (via Brian Wilson) in a sleepy country voice. Jon, as befits a member of his multi-award-winning community, has been filling numerous creative roles: convicted pirate; amateur organ salesman; inadvertently fraudulent (but unfireable) accountant; and inverse Lazarus, smiting the unworthy asunder. So how come his SM58 died of shame? Mike, on the other hand has been installing the latest in New Age musical-box security while extolling the virtues of choral child labour, Bela Fleck's musical chicken, and agent-swap Bumble. In Alanis Morissette's happy village, meanwhile, we witness the shocking abuse of some herringbone origami by a bunch of Tony Bennetts wielding slowly wilting flowers, and learn how best to display 15 Grammies. So leave your vintage paperweights behind, honeychild, and join us as we build a compost heap to the accompaniment of 'Leave The Montero Open'.
Those about to be drunk, we salute you!

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