In this month's individually hand-marbled episode, Mike welcomes Whon Jitten into his world of vocal-editing pain, tormenting him with James Blunt, a unionised bee in a Tupperware box, and a truly horrifying polar-pattern selection. Joining them is 2021's second biggest sell-out, Bob Dylan, eschewing mayonnaise for overpriced one-of-one-so-far space-vinyl. So if you're not showering on a busy road under a helicopter while mowing the lawn, do join us in getting 80 percent of the way there with just two clicks. Alternatively, fix yourself a snack of buttered marshmallow and cosmic salami, and skate-mosh the night away to Ray Of Sunshine Against The Machine, Malmsteen's shawm, or Biffy Clyro's swearing by proxy. It's enough to make you want to scream for a living...

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