It's time to join The Numerical Suffix Twins and The Ultimate Frisbee Conspiracy for another bout of testing concepts (and SM58s) to destruction! Nibbling their hand-monogrammed biscuits, your intrepid hosts take on the 'jukebox musical' phenomenon, delivering their verdict on which 1980s TV shows would best suit the format, whether Kurt Cobain ever sang the part of Jean Valjean, and why there's clearly such a scarcity of grumpy-looking white men who can't sing. The facepalm action is bang up to the minute too, as Mike mugs himself with multiple mix revisions and erotic mic cables, while Jon bemoans auditory dog hair and the onerous dance rituals required by the God Of Acoustic Guitars. Plus we have Gearslutz repaying its debt to humanity, Mike swearing appreciatively at Yo-Yo Ma, parents playfully tasing their own children, and our mole at NPR Tiny Desk making banana smoothies.

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