It's a veritable sugar high this month, with Jon lathering himself in maple syrup to talk about the inventor of the jello shot and how he himself miraculously dodged a speeding facepalm bullet. Meanwhile, Mike explains how Mackie have been protecting the earth from alien symbiotes by knobbing Tom Hardy into submission, and relives his finest hour as part of Sound On Sound's market-leading Double Entendre Department. We bestow our opinions of anechoic chambers on the Patron saint of Q&A, and nominate Neil Finn's nude sessions as a candidate to replace the Wilhelm Scream. Plus, have you even wondered how a cyberpunk reworking of Nevermind's album artwork relates to Vegan Suspense, Electric Weasels, and a Gothic Sandwich? All will be revealed, along with exciting news of celebrity-endorsed spray-on acoustic stubble. (Disclaimer: Despite the cheerful songs about poisoning pidgeons, no animals were harmed during the recording of this podcast.)

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